While he was best known for cutting ass on Eminem in '8 Mile,' Breedlove did try his hand at the rap game in his spare time and even appeared on the soundtrack to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's film, 'The Wash,' under the name Ox.


50 Cent's next Hollywood endeavor will pair him back up with Eminem. He confirms a television adaption of '8 Mile' is on the way. 


Barack Obama has proven once again why he will always be our forever president. President  No. 44 recently pointed to one of Hip-Hop's biggest talent as inspiration.


Eminem wins a copyright lawsuit that he brought against a New Zealand political party that used lyrics from his hit "Lose Yourself" without consent.

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New Zealand’s National Party and Prime Minister John Key allegedly tried to connect with younger voters by using Eminem’s Grammy Award-winning “Lose Yourself” for one of their reelection ads.

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The death of Roger Ebert was sad news for fans of the popular film critic and social media star. After a long bout with thyroid cancer, Ebert passed away in his beloved Chicago alongside his wife, Chaz. Writing hundreds of reviews in his 46-year career with the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert offered his thoughts on a […]


A Detroit man, in trouble for allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend, thought he’d show off his freestyling skills to plead his case. Callius Moon rapped during a video arraignment Tuesday (Feb. 5), and managed to impress the judge presiding over his case.

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Slim Shady returns to the cover of VIBE Magazine to celebrate the ten year anniversary of his cult-classic film, 8 Mile. B-Rabbit isn’t alone as Future, Papa Doc, and the gang join in a roundtable discussion of the film. 

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The road from Relapse to Recovery has been quite the trip for Marshall Mathers III, but he has made sure to bring his loyal fans along for the ride. With his next album slated for release on June 22 and the first single “Not Afraid” placing a dent in the Billboard charts, Eminem releases two […]

Actress Brittany Murphy died Sunday after going into cardiac arrest and not being able to be revived. Murphy was found unresponsive in the shower by her mother and rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. She was 32-years-old. Murphy is known for her roles in “Clueless”, “Don’t Say A Word” and […]