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The death of Roger Ebert was sad news for fans of the popular film critic and social media star. After a long bout with thyroid cancer, Ebert passed away in his beloved Chicago alongside his wife, Chaz. Writing hundreds of reviews in his 46-year career with the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert offered his thoughts on a number of films Hip-Hop fans loved. You can read these reviews and more over at Ebert’s website.

We take a look back at some of our favorites, along with Ebert’s quotes, on the following pages. Stars such as Al Pacino, Wesley Snipes, Ice Cube, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, Eminem and more have made films considered as classics, sparking debates and such from living rooms to barbershops all over.

Ebert offered some sharp critique in the following clips, showcasing why he was revered as a movie critic. But while the films were fan favorites, it’s fair to say Ebert didn’t love them all.  Did we miss any good ones? Let us know.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

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