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A little more than a year ago, Caleb Brown paced the carpeted floor of Atlanta’s Uptown Studios, directly next door to the city’s historic Stankonia compound. He was 18 years old then, just in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, fresh out of high school and hosting a room full of journalists he’d never met.

Money Man is miles away from home but he’s looking awfully comfortable, perched high on a barstool in the lounge at the posh Intercontinental Hotel Times Square. There are suited businessmen on either side of the bar, nursing whiskey drinks in short glasses. But the Decatur rapper is stone sober, focused on knocking out one […]

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For the past few weeks what it means to be American has taken on different meanings to different people thanks to the current Comrade-In-Chief, but Lupe knows a thing or two about American life. In his black-and-white visuals to “Made In The USA,” the Chi-Town rapper uses heavy imagery of BLM protests, klansmen, and inner […]

Nashville, TN rapper Mike Floss is a name you need to get familiar with. 

Gilles is an entertainment attorney. But he’s also an MC. Don’t be mad at him for being good at both.

Grand Hustle artist RaRa delivered his I Am What I Am EP and HipHopWired caught up with him to talk about it.

Florida’s Eric Biddines may remind you of your favorite rappers, but nothing about his music is a throwback or a redo.

Atlanta-based beat crafter STLNDRMS has an MPC that needs its own passport.

Cleveland MC Archie Green is out to paint a new and true picture of the Black male experience in America through Hip-Hop.

“I’m jumping on the bandwagon of people that’s putting out meaningful music,” says Haddy Racks. The Bronx MC is no hapless wave rider, but instead is pushing through the game as an indie artist with a potent debut album, Resumé, and an ever growing fanbase.

Flawless never said that he was out to “save Hip-Hop.” But every time he makes a new fan, that’s the first thing they say he’s doing with his music.

RENEGADE EL REY has sacrificed a football career and a stable career to chase a rap dream that he gets to live everyday.