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With the onslaught of releases that have dropped recently, Memorial Day weekend could become the most anticipated holiday when it comes to Hip-Hop music. Standing at the forefront of Slaughterhouse, Royce Da 5’9″ presents the latest installment to his Bar Exam series with The Bar Exam 3, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Featuring verses from […]

“I used to take the little one and draw a mixer on it and then I took the other books and drew turntables on them, and I used to sit in class in 7th grade and pretend like I was DJing.  Everybody looked at me like I was an alien…” Mr. Peter Parker is no […]

“It ain’t got nothing to do with lyrics.  I ain’t got no lyrics.” In the Hip Hop realm, there happen to be some artists that don’t live up to their own hype.  With some under the belief that they are lyrical geniuses, most to known of them ever achieve such an accolade with the material […]

“A lot of things have changed, but they about to change again.” Martin Lawrence Tyler, best known to the public as rapper Mystikal, saw January 15, 2010 as the day of his release after serving six years in the Louisiana State Prison for sexual battery. Now free from incarceration, the rapper is making his rounds […]

“Bar Exam3 will be very offensive to u if u ever disrespected me or my crew…you were not being ignored so be afraid BI**H” Still basking on the release of his first studio album since 2005’s Independent’s Day with Street Hop, rapper Royce Da 5’9” is already back in the lab prepping the third installment […]

“I’ve been quietly going back and forth from New York to Detroit for the past two months.” After mixed reviews surfaced on the return of Shady with Relapse, promise began to grow again for his second coming when it was announced that there would be a sequel that would be dropping later the year. As […]

The winds have calmed and the call to arms has ceased as the legal battle between Eminem and Apple, Inc has come to a close. The attorney for Eight Mile Style, Richard Busch, made the announcement that a cordial agreement was made between the two parties on Thursday, although no further details were given such […]

Hustle Hard Entertainment/Atlantic recording artist Maino’s “All The Above” featuring T-Pain has just been certified platinum by the RIAA. Upon its release in June “All The Above” scored the highest first week single sales for a new rap artist since Flo Rida’s “Low.” The single went on to become one of the summer’s heaviest rotation […]

As the year has begun to round out, the music world has continued to be in anticipation for the sequel to Eminem’s return to the rap game.  With Relapse dropping last May, fans have been expecting to hear word and details on when the second offering will drop as it allegedly is slated to hit […]

50 is making his rounds in the world of Hollywood, this time taking on another big screen role. DJ Whoo Kid confirmed via Twitter that he and the G Unit General are featured in a new movie called Morning Glory with Diane Carol and Harrison Ford. Whoo Kid posted a picture to his Twitter page […]