As the high stakes race for the Democratic Party nomination still rages on despite stalling due to the coronavirus situation, the civil rights icon's endorsement is a game-changer.

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It appears that New Orleans rapper and Young Money Entertainment boss Lil Wayne has signed a new deal with Barbados distillery Bumbu Rum.

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Jared Fogle Disgraced: Subway The future is dime for the former Subway mascot after he admitted to paying for sex with 14 minors on the company’s dime and will do serious time in prison and forever be a registered sex offender. Fogle, 37, joins a terrible list of celebrity spokesmen who fumbled their endorsements in […]

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Corporations are no longer sleeping on how a Hip-Hop associated brand ambassador can catapult their product’s awareness. Take Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops for example. Thanks to shrewd marketing strategies, they used Waka Flocka Flame’s comedic genius to score one of the few highlights during the last American Music Awards and in turn, earned the […]

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O.K. so, we as a Hip-Hop community, didn’t have any platinum albums this year. None the matter. Thanks to the avenues made possible from the culture’s expansion (and/or whitewashing in some cases), there is still a myriad of ways for rappers to make money outside of record sales.

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When the ink dries on her new deal with Christian Dior, actress Jennifer Lawrence will be part of one of the most lucrative celebrity endorsement deals. The eight-figure deal reported by The Daily Mail is rumored to be immanent.

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As far as all-time Hip-Hop classics go, Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” should rank on high on any list when considering all the factors. Released in 1987 as a remix, the record eventually took a life of its own, transcending through generation after generation while the female rap pioneers continued to skyrocket through the mainstream ceiling.

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As we all know by now, Waka Flocka Flame smokes a lot of weed. But instead of endorsing a vaporizer pen or some sort of bong that plays his new album (maybe that one should come down the line?) he’s found an ingenious way to make additional revenue from his herbal plant habits.

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Marketing is a competitive industry and professional athlete alter egos is a great example of companies using creative tactics as way to get instant atention. Progressive insurance just recruited LeBron James to assist in their latest campaign and earned a trending topic as a result.

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Thanks to Michael Jordan, there isn’t a product found on God’s green earth that an athlete can’t endorse. So with that, LeBron James is switching gears from his Beats commercials and introducing his safe driving alter ego, Flobron, as in Flo from Progressive insurance.

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The Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah’s biggest news paper in a heavily Mormon town, has endorsed President Obama in this year’s election, over their “adopted son” Mitt Romney. In an article published Friday (Oct. 19), the Tribune attributes their endorsement of President Obama to Romney being  “the party’s shape-shifting nominee.”

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The Internets were on fire after actress Stacey Dash publicly endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney via Twitter this past Sunday (October 7). Enduring a barrage of criticism – with some ugly verbal attacks thrown in – via tweets and bloggers across all racial and political lines, the Clueless star has decided to speak out […]