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As far as all-time Hip-Hop classics go, Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” should rank on high on any list when considering all the factors. Released in 1987 as a remix, the record eventually took a life of its own, transcending through generation after generation while the female rap pioneers continued to skyrocket through the mainstream ceiling.

GEICO has continuously done a great job of incorporating timeless celebrities into their promo spots (The Tasmanian Devil, Icky Woods) and they snagged the seasoned veteran rap group for an entertaining spot to plug insured drivers to push their premiums on their apps. Spinderella, who somewhat became an estranged member of the clique during the group’s later years, also appears in the 30-second clip as the “push” metaphorically motivates pregnant ladies through lamaze classes and middle Americans to cut their grass.

Check out the Salt-N-Pepa GEICO commercial below and marvel how far Hip-Hop has taken the culture to outside forces. Their music is also available on iTunes for those too young to have let their tape rock until it popped.

Photo: YouTube