Nicki Minaj has fallen victim to swatting once again. Cops rushed to her home after a call was made to 911 saying someone was shot at her residence.


September is taking a heavy toll on Tee Grizzley. Prior to losing his friend PnB Rock, his Los Angeles house was robbed.


It seems that Kim Kardashian moving very carefully as she legally separates from her soon to be ex-husband. She has reportedly paid Kanye West $23 million to keep their home in the Hidden Hills.


LeBron James has just been reminded that celebrity will not protect you from natural disasters. He had to leave his residence as many other have in California.


Cardi made another one of her dreams come true.

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As the federal government shutdown enters its 10th day, President Barack Obama has taken an increasingly aggressive stance in demanding House Republicans pass a budget bill to end the ongoing crisis. Wednesday (Oct. 9), Obama and House Democrats met to discuss an end to the shutdown and raise the looming debt limit that threatens to […]

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President Obama is giving the first State of the Union address of his second term. With the country’s financial situation still not fully recovered, the president will encourage the nation to help “reignite the true engine,” as it relates to growth of the economy.

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Now that the celebration is over, President Obama is ready to begin his second term, and his cup runneth over with items to tackle. The commander is set to get to work on fiscal deadlines, including the debt limit, which is expected to be raised following a House vote, tomorrow.  

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“We recognize that Barack Hussein Obama is white power in Black face,” yelled Omali Yeshitela, leader of the Black is Back coalition, into a megaphone as she marched outside of the White House. “Hundreds” of Black Americans peacefully protested President Obama’s current initiatives during his first year in office. More than 200 hundred people were […]