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September is taking a heavy toll on Tee Grizzley. Prior to losing his friend PnB Rock, his Los Angeles house was robbed.

As per TMZ the Detroit, Michigan was the latest celebrity victim of the house burglary gang that has been targeting luxury homes in the Los Angeles area. According to police documentation obtained by the celebrity gossip website the “First Day Out” MC’s home was robbed. Officials speculate the thieves made off with close to a million dollars in cash and jewelry. Thankfully, no one was home at the time of the crime.

Naturally, the news spread quickly forcing him to speak on the incident on his social media channels. He let the world know he and his inner circle are good and that is most important. “I appreciate everybody reaching out. I’m good, my family good, thank God,” Tee Grizzley said. “I need ya’ll to do one thing for me, send a prayer up for PnB Rock and his kids. King Von, his kids, and all the kids out here have to grow up without their pops. I had to go through that. I grew up without my pops. He was killed, and it ain’t easy at all.”

He continued: “We got to watch what we’re speaking into existence. I know we look at it like we’re just making music, and it’s art, but these words are powerful, bro. Just like we speak some good s**t into existence, we can speak some bad s**t into existence. So we really got to be careful what we’re saying about ourselves when we’re making this music.”

You can watch his response below.