President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order Monday (Mar. 6) that will bar six Muslim-majority countries from immigrating to the United States but now takes Iraq off the list. The new order also puts back into effect a ban on all refugees from any country.

Mark Levin, a radio host and columnist for Breitbart, put out a theory that President Barack Obama‘s administration employing wiretapping on the current sitting president in Donald Trump. Levin’s accusation threw President Trump in a rage, but now the pundit is saying he really didn’t have any proof.

Count Van Jones as among the few people that were impressed by President Donald Trump's joint address to the U.S. Congress Monday, an affair where the former business mogul largely managed to not embarrass himself. But what turned heads was the CNN contributor saying that President Trump could land himself two full terms in office if he continues performances of a similar sort in the future.

President Donald Trump invited a number of HBCU leaders to the White House yesterday for a gathering Monday (Feb. 27) ahead of an executive order signing meant to address federal support given to those institutions. While the moment had the appearance of a feel-good attempt to cool the recent racial tensions between people of color […]

In a bizarre defense of President Donald Trump, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh said during a live broadcast that there are forces trying to upend the current administration’s progress. But what turned the most heads is when Limbaugh suggested that former president Barack Obama had an easier time in office because he was Black.

Charles Blow, a writer for the New York Times, and President Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnay clashed on-air during a live CNN broadcast. Blow took umbrage at McEnay touching him while being critical of liberals criticizing the current president and alleging that the writer isn’t proud to be an American.

Breitbart, the conservative news website formerly ran by Donald Trump crony Steve Bannon, wrote a report that the president’s tweet blasting Nordstrom is tanking the company’s stock. However, since the retailer parted ways with Trump’s daughter and her clothing line, stock prices are actually surging.

Hillary Clinton reemerged from the shadows since losing the election to President Donald Trump last November, and many of her supporters had been clamoring for her to return to the scene. The former First Lady made her first public video address, and her comment “the future is female” began trending on Twitter this morning.

Donald Trump just gave his first interview as President of the United States ahead of and during the intense Super Bowl LI contest between the victorious New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. President Trump went off the rails as he praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Pats quarterback Tom Brady, and delivering a series of […]

President Donald Trump house servant pastor Darrell Scott made an embarrassment of himself this week after he made a verbal goof in saying Chicago gang leaders were ready to work with the administration to curb violence. Pastor Scott said that his statement was a mistake and there are no talks between the president and gang leaders.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been battling a PR nightmare after the #DeleteUber hashtag began to trend, occurring when news that the executive would be pat of President Donald Trump‘s business council. Kalanick announced via an email that the company will no longer sit at the table with the council, which might prompt other businesses to follow […]

Akon has been quietly keeping his music career going and while overseeing his philanthropic efforts to bring electricity to Africa. The Senegalese-American singer came forth in a new video declaring President Donald Trump as “courageous” but did so as he blasted the former mogul for not having enough nuance in the position he now wields.