If you’re kicking it around the Baylor football team, beware. A former student claims that over a period of three years, players on the team committed 52 rapes. 

Thanks to a landmark decision in Switzerland, taking the condom off without telling your partner could get you a rape charge now.

NYPD Captain Peter Rose expressed some interesting viewpoints when it comes to rape. In his world, acquaintance rape might not be as deplorable as stranger rape. 

Birth Of A Nation director Nate Parker found himself in a hotbed of controversy after accusations that he and a fellow student at Pennsylvania State University raped a student began to surface. In an upcoming interview, Parker says he was “falsely accused” of rape and has no intentions of apologizing for what happened in 1999.

Noah Winchester, a former California police officer, was arrested Thursday for the rape of five women across the state. According to developing reports, Winchester, 31, worked for two districts in the northern region of the state and performed the alleged acts while on the job.

Ian Connor has been embroiled in the struggle recently after catching fades from Theophilus London and A$AP Bari in Paris over a week ago. Amber Rose said in an interview that the model and fashion figurehead might have raped as many as 21 women who came to her, prompting Connor to fire back on Twitter […]

No, that’s not how any of this works. A Florida man says he raped a woman and called 911 on himself to get sent to prison to find who killed his son.

Bill Cosby and his legal woes have been the focus of much speculation and intense discussion via the media and otherwise. The heavily accused entertainer and his legal team are embroiled in an effort to get a 2004 rape charge tossed out of court, claiming the case was built upon “hearsay.”

Brock Turner, a former Stanford University student, was slapped with what many are deeming a light sentence after he was convicted last week of violating a female student. The former athlete faced three felony sexual assault charges but was only given six months and probation by a judge who appeared to show a considerable amount […]

Just two months after Vogue.com crowned Ian Connor, Kanye West’s “style muse” the headlines behind the 22 year old who modeled in the Yeezy Season 3 presentation, have changed. On Friday (April 8), a woman by the name of Malika Anderson, published a lengthy and blog post accusing the model/stylist of rape.

By now we shouldn’t be surprised by a crazy Azealia Banks tweet, but somehow she finds a new way to shock. The Harlem-rapper joked that the former vice-presidential candidate needed some Black d*ck in her life. Palin was not amused and has threatened to sue.

A 21-year-old Christian missionary from Oklahoma was sentenced to 40 years Monday (March 7) for sexually assaulting numerous children during his time volunteering at a Kenyan orphanage. Matthew Lane Durham was admonished for what the judge presiding over his case called, “heinous crimes committed against the most vulnerable victims.”