Spike Lee has always been a Brooklyn representative, but in November it will be certified in street sign form. That’s when Stuyvesant between Quincy and Lexington in the Bed-Stuy section of the borough will officially be renamed “Do The Right Thing Way.” 

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The NBA’s most winnest coach of all-time is far removed from his playing days but he still knows a few things about taking shots.


Besides storied movies like Do The Right Thing and School Daze, Spike Lee also got props for his 40 Acres & A Mule clothing line that was housed out of his old Spike’s Joint store in Brooklyn. Although the shop is long gone (it shuttered in 2007), a Do The Right Thing capsule collection of […]

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Spike Lee has never been shy about sharing his opinion of how Black people are treated in America, and his latest comments prove this. While sitting with CNN host Anderson Cooper, the famed director suggests that there is a war on Black men across the nation.

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Twenty-Five years later, Spike Lee’s iconic 1989 film, Do The Right Thing, still resonates across generations. Packed with powerful imagery, the renowned director takes fans back to the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn block that it was filmed at –Stuyvesant Avenue, between Quincy and Lexington Streets– in a short documentary.

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Spike Lee‘s movie Do The Right Thing celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, and features one of the most explosive death scenes ever filmed. The Brooklyn director spliced scenes of the choking death by NYPD of Radio Raheem with the recent Eric Garner incident in Staten Island, revealing a chilling coincidence.


When it comes to gentrification and Brooklyn, Spike Lee and Michael Rapaport have a history of not seeing eye to eye. The latter took things to a slanderous level when he called Lee a “s*t stain” during a recent interview. 


Anniversaries for historic works happen almost everyday. Yet the celebration for Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing has been nothing short of extensive.

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On Wednesday, July 2, celebrated director and filmmaker Spike Lee will be unveiling the new 1996 World Series Spike Lee collection as part of the New Era Heritage Series.

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Brooklyn, more specifically Bed-Stuy, was the place to be Sunday for Spike Lee‘s block party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his classic film, Do The Right Thing. Lee brought out all the big names, including an impromptu freestyle from Yasiin Bey, a performance from Public Enemy and much more.

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Spike Lee‘s classic summer film Do The Right Thing is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. Set in the director’s beloved borough of Brooklyn, much of the cast used the movie as a platform to launch rich acting careers and Hip-Hop Wired examines where they are now.


Spike Lee’s marquee movie now has its own day to match its own street.