When it comes to sneakers “saved,” rapper Kanye West usually drops some thought-provoking designs. For some reason, he just can’t seem to get the slide thing right, and Twitter is clowning him for it once again.

We see the jig, the question is do you? Yesterday (Sept.12) photos surfaced of Kanye West’s latest footwear called the YEEZY Foam Runner. The slide is being clowned because it closely resembles the shoe choice of nurses all over, the Croc.


Who would’ve ever thought that a sneaker brand’s hottest line would be coming from some of Hip-Hop’s biggest rappers? We did, but that’s neither here nor there.

MAGA Ye despite not being well-received by anti-Trumpers, and rightfully so is still selling a lot of sneakers. Forbes featured Kanye West as part of its magazine’s cover-story highlighting the world’s highest-paid entertainers and sat down with the rapper to discuss his Yeezy brand which is currently riding a massive wave of success over the […]

Just when you thought Kanye couldn’t outdo his very polarizing scuba boot he proves us all wrong. It looks like some clog trainers maybe a real thing in the near future.

Either the internets’ are stepping up their troll game, or God is blessing all the hypebeasts. It seems Kanye West‘s newest effort is being delivered via his new shoe release.

Guess the Carters and Kanye West are not “famleeeeee” after all, well at least not for now. 

It seems like Kanye is close to bringing his footwear brand to the hardwood and blacktops. He has unveiled the first YEEZY basketball shoe via his return to Instagram.

Another reality star will have to fight for their freedom in court. A Bad Girls Club alumni is being accused of a swipe scheme totalling five figures.

Kanye West has amassed massive amounts of wealth across his music and fashion endeavors, and it appears the hard work is paying off handsomely. If the words of his wife, Kim Kardashian, are true, West will soon be breathing in the rarified air of billionaires after his Yeezy company’s value was recently assessed. 

  Way before YEEZY Supply came to be, Kanye West had big dreams for his first fashion brand called Pastelle. A deep investigate report details what could have been but failed when he was rocking raccoon tails.

Kanye West is once again being accused of stealing creative ideas from other artists and using it to promote his own wares. An Instagram account is suggesting that artist Rita Minissi’s art inspired the new Yeezy 500 #SUPERMOON campaign that just rolled out, and is essentially a ripoff her work.