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The Doctor Of Donda West To Write Book


The tragic death of Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, shocked countless people around the world who empathized with the MC’s devastating loss. Now two years since her untimely passing and just a week after a plastic surgery law was adopted in her honor, the doctor blamed with her death is writing a book.

Dr. Jan Adams is releasing a book titled, “What I Know (and the Press Isn’t Telling): The Truth Behind the Death of Donda West,” to clear his name. The doctor who performed her tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction procedures denies any responsibility for her death and says the coroner’s report proves his innocence.

According to Dr. Adams, it wasn’t the multiple surgeries that caused the accident; it was her post operative procedures that contributed to her death.

“It’s very easy from my perspective to understand what happened to her. They gave her medication that made her nauseous. Vicodin makes everyone nauseous. They laid her flat, she vomited, and when she went to sleep, she aspirated it (breathed it into) in her lungs. That caused her not to oxygenate well, and the process created a circle. Her blood kept getting lower and lower with oxygen and then finally, her heart stopped.”

Is he really trying to clear his name or is Dr. Adams trying to capitalize on the West name? Only time will tell.

If recounting the death of celebrities becomes a trend, be on the lookout for Dr. Conrad Murray’s book on the death of Michael Jackson.

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