Bangin Candy: Joe Budden's Latest Main Squeeze Kaylin Garcia [PHOTOS]

Bangin Candy

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  • Team nymphis

    This chick is one step below basic

    • Rajo1

      U either gay or a hatin *****s bytch.

      • Team nymphis

        If she's a banger to you... that tells me a lot about your options. It's ok tho.

  • Maylani

    Loooove her HAIR!

  • pashunfruit

    anyone that has anything negative to say about her physically is just insecure....she's bad period. Don't feel hurt cause no one refers to you as bad....this chick is a dime for sure

    • Your Mom

      oh shut up, stop hanging off ***** that would never give you any play any way.. calm down fool.

      • pashunfruit

        I'm hanging off her ***** because I'm acknowledging that she's attractive w/ a great body.....WOW

  • BlackYetNeverIncarcerated

    She has that "cheap, broke stripper" aura about her...just like her predecessors.

  • Benny Blaze

    free beats holla at Benny Blaze at we certified !!!!

  • bras4real

    sad they label this woman as ´banging candy´ ghetto tackiness to the fullest it s like love and hip hop atlanta female mingers glammed up with designer ware thinking there it

  • shug

    she looks older than 21

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Bangin Candy

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