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Stacey Abrams is officially back in the political race.

According to her announcement last week, Abrams formally announced her second candidacy for governor of Georgia after previously being cheated out of the position by current Governor, Brian Kemp, in 2018. Although she wasn’t on the ballot for 2020, it’s no secret that her efforts through her voter’s rights organization, Fair Fight, Abrams not only helped build the Democratic party presence in the state, leading to victories for Joe Biden and Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock— resulting in united and uncontested support from her party.

While many are anticipating a historic victory for Abrams, it’s the possibility of the state making history with all four major party candidates being Black.

The Democratic party has made their choices clear with both Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock as their solidified nominees, the Republican Senate primary is equally clear, as former NFL star Herschel Walker holds a commanding lead in polls with conservative voters. And in the governor’s race, Vernon Jones is challenging the Republican incumbent, Brian Kemp, in the primary, though Jones’ chances of success are uncertain.

Abrams announcement came hours after the mudslinging Atlanta Mayoral race that took the national stage after Republican favored candidate Felicia Moore lost to opponent Andre Dickens after rapper T.I. and Fanbase CEO, Isaac Hayes III, took to the streets and exposed Moore’s alleged plan to conspire to shut down adult entertainment clubs along with requiring studios to secure permits to operate.

“If you’re a club owner, a bartender, a dancer, promoter, valet driver, or just a visitor who subscribes to the culture of this city… understand that OUR LIVELIHOODS & WAYS OF LIFE is being threatened. I’d hate for you to wake up tomorrow and your destiny now rests in the hands of people who could care less about your concerns or best interests,” T.I. wrote at the time. “THE TIME IS NOW‼️ Be clear… this is who @marybnorwood & #thebuckheadgroup want in office to carry out their agenda/intentions. Your hustle WILL be halted & our city WILL GO to the right wing conservatives who been looking for ways to stop the shine of the culture.”

As previously reported, after the loss, Moore called out both Hayes and the “What It’s Come To” rapper for sabotaging her campaign by spreading “fake news” before seemingly admitting to targeting T.I. over his involvement in politics against her campaign noting that the rapper should have “learned his lesson the last time.”

“And for Mr. T.i., who I would have thought would have learned his lesson from jumping on me the last time, when I was running earlier because that got him in a fight with someone else that opened up the series of allegations that he has in front of him,” Moore said. “So he should learn to stay out of politics.”