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CES 2022: Sony Announces PlayStation VR2 & 'Horizon Call of The Mountain'

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Sony has been slowly dropping bread crumbs about its next VR headset and Monday night ((Jan.4) we got our best look yet at PlayStation’s next step into the world of virtual reality.

At CES 2022, Sony dropped the bomb that PlayStation VR2 is coming and will work exclusively on PS5. The company gave us a tease in a very short segment, but a good tease about its latest gaming peripheral while not revealing pertinent information like price or a release date. But, it was still enough info to get PlayStation fans, especially fans of PlayStation VR, to get excited about what’s to come.

From what we know, like the PS5, PlayStation VR2 sounds like it will be very impressive based on the specs. It will feature a fantastic panel refresh rate and a frame rate of up to 120hz. It will also have an OLED screen to allow for games to display games in 4K (2000×2040 per eye) plus a field of view of “approximately” 110 degrees. That’s not even all the specs. You can check them all out by heading here.

Of course, Sony is introducing its revolutionary haptic controls that live in its groundbreaking PS5 DualSense controllers into PlayStation VR2’s Sense controllers. The Sense controller will also have “finger-touch detection,” which means it will be able to sense your inputs without you pressing the buttons. You can also peep the full specs for the Sense controller by heading here.

PlayStation VR2

Source: Sony / PlayStation VR2

But wait, there’s more. Sony also revealed that PlayStation VR2 will feature 3D audio, tracking enhancements, and something called “headset feedback.” Per PlayStation’s blog, it utilizes an “intelligent tactile element” to “amplif[y] the sensations” to help create an “incredibly deep feeling of immersion,” basically that means the headset will vibrate on your head.

Finally, we also got a sneak peek at the first game we will get to play on PlayStation VR2, and it’s a spinoff from Guerilla’s fantastic Horizon Zero Dawn games. Dubbed Horizon Call of the Mountain, players will become a yet to be revealed protagonist not named Aloy, who is in the game. There is no word on whether this game will be an “on-rails experience” or something a bit bigger in terms of scope.

Whatever the case, it sounds like PlayStation VR2 will be sick. But like the PS5 console, we also expect PlayStation VR2 to be difficult to acquire. We shall see.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty