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PS5 Pro Controller Reportedly In The Works

Source: T3 Magazine / Getty

We know many of you still don’t have a PlayStation 5, so this news isn’t for you. But for those who have been fortunate to find one in the wild, the report of a PS5 Pro Controller might interest you.

Finally, A PS5 Pro Controller

Tom Henderson, who has a knack for dropping some juicy gaming news, reports that Sony is working on a PS5 Pro Controller. The rumored peripheral codenamed “Hunt” will keep the classic DualSense esthetic but sports some significant upgrades.

According to the report, the PS5 Pro Controller will have removable analog sticks, allowing players to swap them out if that annoying drift problem happens or if Hot Cheetos residue makes them stick. That’s a massive relief because DualSense controllers are not cheap.

Another rumored feature will be the addition of trigger stops in the back that will help reduce trigger latency and the rear buttons or, as the report describes, “flappy paddles.” There will also be a removable grip feature, and a rumored substantial software upgrade, no details on precisely what that upgrade will bring to the controller were revealed.

This development would mark the first time Sony is offering a Pro Controller. Currently, PS5 owners can purchase PS5 Pro Controllers from SCUF Gaming and NACON. But, for those who fancy official PS5 accessories, this is the news you have been waiting to hear.

Sony’s Plans For The PS5 Slowly Are Taking Shape

Again, we know this news will get eye rolls because there are still A LOT of people looking to buy a PS5, so the hearing that Sony is working on a new controller while there is still a PS5 shortage is annoying.

BUT, this also reveals Sony’s game plan for the console and how it’s approaching how owners will be able to make it theirs. With the release of the official cover plates, DualSense controllers in multiple color options, and soon a Pro Controller, you will have the ability to switch up the look of your console to fit your mood.

Now, as far as that other big rumor, the PS5 Pro, we’re still keeping our eyes and ears to the e-streets on that one.

Photo: T3 Magazine / Getty