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Desus Nice made his first appearance on television since his split with The Kid Mero, filling in for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and joking about being fired from Showtime in his monologue.

Desus was tapped to be one of the many guest hosts that Kimmel usually has for his ABC late-night show during the summer months, marking his first appearance on TV since the highly public split between him and his comedic partner, The Kid Mero last month. The separation led to the dissolution of their Showtime late-night show, Desus & Mero.

While he didn’t touch upon that situation too much in his opening monologue, he did have one sequence that hinted that there was more to the situation with Showtime than previously reported. “Listen, it’s weird to be hosting a show on network TV because I was on Showtime for the past four years, where they pretty much let you say what the f**k you want. Guillermo,” he asked Kimmel’s sidekick, ”Can I say whatever the f**k I want on ABC?”

“I don’t think so, but you’re not coming back tomorrow so who gives a f**k”, Guillermo joked back. Desus would go on to crack jokes about the California weather, before digging into the controversy surrounding former President Donald Trump, whom he referred to as “a racist Jason Bourne, but more orange” when he spoke about the recent FBI search that uncovered boxes of classified government documents at his Mar-A-Lago resort. “When you get fired from the office, you don’t get to take the Xerox machine home with you. When I got fired from Showtime, they don’t let me bring home the cast of Shameless,” he said.

The rest of the monologue also saw the comedian take shots at President Biden, and a news segment on a bear who got high off of hallucinogenic “mad honey”: “Save your judgment because we all look like that late at night in the back of an Uber.” And the Bronx native kept it thorough for the borough and New York City in a street segment where he tried to settle the long-standing quarrel between Californians and New Yorkers by asking whose pizza slices were better and asking “which would you rather have running around your city – rats or Kardashians?”

Check out the full monologue below.