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Anyone trying to shoplift at a Louis Vuitton flagship store should know that they’ll do what they can to protect their merchandise. That said, a would-be thief found out the hard way that includes some pretty strong glass windows.

According to TMZ, a 17-year-old in Washington state was taken into custody after attempting to make off with roughly $18,000 worth of Louis Vuitton goods at its brick and mortar store in Bellevue, WA. The only thing that kept him from luxury freedom was the giant glass window he attempted to break through only to find himself getting knocked out after slamming his full body into the window.

Moments later, the teen crashed into the plate glass window and fell like a sack of potatoes. As he lay unconscious, an officer ran over, sat on his back and placed him in cuffs.

Prosecutors said the suspect, whose name was not released since he’s a juvenile, was part of a retail theft ring in Bellevue.

The kid really thought his slim frame would’ve held enough weight to break through that window like he was the Juggernaut or something.

No word on what kind of consequences the kid faces, but trying to rob $18K worth of Louis Vuitton products is definitely going to get him more than a simple slap on the wrist.

Check out the video of the brazen heist gone wrong below, and try not to laugh too hard at the young’n.