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Malachi Love-Robinson, the fake teen doctor from Florida who has been arrested so many times he might as well start renting Air BnB cells at the local county jail is now 25 years old and, well, he’s still getting himself locked up for being a grifter.

According to NBC News, Malachi Love-Robinson pleaded guilty in Palm Beach County, Florida, to charges of grand theft and organized scheme to defraud, and he was sentenced to two years and four months in prison. Love-Robinson pleaded guilty, specifically, to stealing more than  $10,000 from his employer.

From NBC:

Court documents show that in 2020, Robinson was working as a salesperson for a company that connects shippers with trucking companies. Instead of having customers make payments to the company, Love-Robinson would have them send the money to accounts he controlled.

Love-Robinson first came to national attention in 2016 as an 18-year-old when he was arrested after opening The New Birth New Life Medical Center, identifying himself as “Dr. Love.”

He stole $30,000 from a patient in her 80s during house calls and an additional $20,000 from a doctor. He was arrested after he examined and prescribed treatment to an undercover police officer who was impersonating a patient.

Later that year while out on bail, Love-Robinson was arrested in Virginia after he tried to buy a Jaguar automobile with a stolen credit card.

I mean, I get that a guy who can go full Frank Abagnale as a teenager and start his own highly illegal medical practice might also make for a convincing salesman, but who the hell hired a known conman for a sales job like this? Was Love-Robinson so smooth during the job interview that he was able to talk a company into overlooking his resume-slash-rap sheet and giving him a job that involved handling money?

I swear this man is going to be in prison selling chrome-plated handcuffs to the corrections officers.

But seriously, hopefully, after this last stint behind bars, Love-Robinson will start making better life decisions.

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