Getting Shot

What happens in rap…

You get shot at all the time, so actually getting hit is no problemo. You might go to the hospital or you might even shake it off, like real Gs do. No sweat (brushes dust off shoulder). And yes, there will be retribution! Even if you have to take time off tour and go your famous azz back to the hood and find the guy who did it yourself and handle B.I. Heads will roll.

Example: 50 Cent – “Many Men”

What happens in real life…

If you are lucky enough not to get hit somewhere that causes instant death, you scream like a 10-year-old girl at a Mindless Behavior concert, because getting shot burns like hell. That G talk comes up out you real quick, replaced by “please get me to the hospital so I don’t die!” talk. If you happen to make it to a hospital before bleeding out, you still might have to wait for some time wallowing in pain following your arrival ala Cain from Menace II Society. If you are lucky enough to live through the entire ordeal – which could include surgery, endless complications and months of recovery – you have a massive hospital bill waiting for you when you get home. Trust us, just shoot the five, fam.


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