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            Nearly one dozen cowards in white, and other various hued, sheets defiantly protested on the steps of Fulton Chapel which is located on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

The belligerent bigots met briefly before the Ole Miss Rebels waged a gridiron battle against their overpowering opposition in the 10th ranked LSU Tigers, a savvy move that guaranteed that the racist Neanderthals would receive plenty of press attention.

What was the hoopla all about? None other than “Dixie,” the classic southern battle chant that has been a source of white-southern pride since before the infamous “War Between The States,” of which members of the Mississippi’s White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has been waging a very low key but public war to protect.

University officials moved to ban the song from football games after hearing the fans refused to abandon singing or reciting the tune’s racially tinged ending, “the South will rise again.”

Around 250 anti-Klan protestors were on hand to show support. The move was made to unify everyone on campus by placing relics of its intolerant past firmly in the past which would allow the university, to this day known for its racist climate, to work toward a future brightened by equality.

Protesting members of the Klan report that they were protesting to decry the lost Southern symbolism that once embodied everything that used to be Ole Miss.