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Death Row Records has fallen into one financial hole after another over the years, and they still have old debts to settle. Slaughterhouse rapper Crooked I is one of the people owed money by the fledgling label, and he opened up to about the financial battle.

According to the 33-year-old the record label is still reaping the benefits of his music, and with the rumor that his Say Hi To The Bad Guy album (recorded under Death Row) sprung a leak, they may have even more money to look forward to. “Bits and pieces have been leaked,” he explained. “I know that the people that bought Death Row Records put out some sh-t called Hoodstar, and they used a few songs off of that album. I’ve seen a few songs pop up on pirate websites. I’m not even tripping on that sh-t back then – I’m looking forward.”

As for whether or not the label has the legal right to release his music without proper consent, Crooked I said that they attempted to go about things the right way. “They called me and they wanted me to support it. I told them, ‘If you want me to do some sh-t, cut me a check for $1 million, and I’ll come over there for some solo sh-t.’ I told them if they weren’t going to do anything like that, then I wasn’t going to support anything.”

In his eyes, Death Row will never become the musical juggernaut of yesteryear based solely on the fact that Suge Knight is no longer steering the ship. “Once Suge was removed from the picture, there was no Death Row. You can’t be Death Row without Suge. My terms were to have me do a brand new album for a $1 million. They gave me the run around, and I told them I was cool.”

The infamous rap label, once home to the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop and Tupac has since dried up. In 2008, the label was auctioned off to Global Music Group Inc. for $24 million.


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