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Rick Ross called into The Bootleg Kev Show and discussed his forthcoming album, God Forgives, I Don’t. One of the first topics of conversation was the heavyweight guest features from Andre 3000 on “Sixteen” and Jay-Z and Dr. Dre on “3 Kings.” But before really getting started, the “So Sophisticated” rapper didn’t dead any rumors of signing LA rapper Nipsey Hussle to Maybach Music Group, saying, “You never know, keep your ears to the street.”

But as far as his soon to be released fifth album, Rozay was much more forthcoming. “My album, I just collaborated with people I was huge fans of such as Dr. Dre for the first time man,” said Rozay. “Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on the same record by the name of ‘3 Kings.’ Just witnessing that, being in the studio with both of them dudes, it was a hell of an experience. It was something that I could never really even see happening. So on a personal level that was big for me.”

The Bawse also spoke on “Sixteen,” which he said is a “classic.” “Basically it was just when you get some music that you really love or a track that you really love, sometimes sixteen bars is not enough to really express yourself,” said Ross. “We just went to that next level. I think for people to hear Andre do what he did; I’ma let y’all count how many bars he did as well as of course what I did, man. He pulled out the guitar and banjo on this one and he sang a little bit on the end of it. It just broke all the rules of making a standard record.”

Rozay also spoke on signing Rockie Fresh (he said he Googled all of his videos), being a “student of the game,” whether or not he’s concerned about not having a single that’s popped off at radio yet and more in the interview below. God Forgives, I Don’t is in stores July 31st.

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