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If you didn’t know by now, be clear that Shyne doesn’t care what you think..about anything that he does. Whether you’re President Obama, Game, Kendrick, Lamar, or anyone taking issue with his random, but honest, commentary, Shyne’s stance will not be shaken. So, rather than get upset over a potential beef with Game for coming to the defense of Lamar, Shyne had nothing but kind words for the West Coast Rapper.

“That’ my son. I got love for him. I always have love for him. I’m proud of him because he’s something that I helped create,” he said in an interview with Street Kode.

“He studied me, and he aspired to be like me. I always have love for him because he never fronted. He always paid homage.”

Shyne went on to compare his relationship with Game to that of a wayward young sibling. “I look at him as a little brother. But you know, sometimes your little brother do things that don’t make sense.”

The Belize native also admitted that had he known how close Game was to Lamar, he wouldn’t have spoken out about hating the 25-year-old’s good kid m.A.A.d city debut.

Despite taking such a positive approach, on Twitter Shyne is letting his fans speak his thoughts, retweeting attacks on Game for name-dropping him in the “Cough Up A Lung” record.

Also, no one can revoke his “West Coast pass,” because he’s “certified world wide.” Peep the interview below.


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