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As he promised after winning re-election last month, President Obama has reached out to Mitt Romney to go over ideas and potentially close the partisan gap. The commander in chief and the Republican former presidential hopeful are set to meet for a private lunch at the White House, Thursday (Nov. 29).

The president’s aides reached out to Romney just before Thanksgiving to schedule a date for the meeting. The former opponents will have lunch in the White House dinning room, and no press will be in attendance.

While in Washington, Romney will also meet with his former running mate Paul Ryan.

During the 2012 election both Romney and Obama threw shots at one another, but appear to have reached a cease-fire.  “There are certain aspects of Governor Romney’s record and his ideas that I think could be very helpful,” Obama said, two weeks ago. “To give you one example, I do think he did a terrific job running the Olympics. That skill set of trying to figure out how do we make something work better applies to the federal government.

“There may be ideas that he has with respect to jobs and growth that can help middle-class families that I want to hear. I’m not either prejudging what’s interested in doing, nor am I suggesting I’ve got some specific assignment.”

Ahead of the looming financial cliff, the president is looking to reach an agreement with Republicans in hopes of halting the country from receding further into economic turmoil. This week he will also converse with members of the GOP and met with small business owners at the White House yesterday.


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