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The Game and Fox News personality Michelle Malkin are not friends. Malkin, a staunch conservative, has gotten into verbal matches with tons of people but it was her critique of Game’s Jesus Piece album that set him off.

Malkin runs the site which posted a story about the release.

Once he got wind of the piece, Game went at Malkin via Twitter, to which she replied by tweeting, “Aw, what’s wrong—is your trashy album not selling? Not afraid of your race-baiting misogynist gangstas.”

Game blasted Malkin for making “racial” comments about his album, over its depiction of Jesus covering his face with a red bandanna.

From there both sides threw shots at one another, with Game looping in his more than 1 million Twitter followers, and Meek Mill. On Malkin’s side, her followers, standing above 400,000, were questioning why she was pegged as racist for disliking the album.

“There’s a reporter on Fox News named Michelle Malkin who voices hate for the album cover and racist remarks because [of] what is our art form,” Game told Skee TV. “She has no place to make racial remarks. This is the same lady who said that President Obama is not American.”

Later in the interview, he brushed off backlash he’s received from his depiction of Christ. “However you depict him [Jesus] in your own mind, or through your own visions, through your artwork, or through your religion, that’s on you. It’s not my place to hate on that.”

The father of three, said that contrary to what impression the cover may give, he goes to church and is merely trying to “make music,” “feed his family,” and expand his “art” and “brand.”

Check out Game’s video response, the Twitter exchange, and threats that Malkin received, below.


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