1B. Nas – Life Is Good

What else can be said about this album that hasn’t already been said? Always at his best when he is being brutally honest, Nas reclaimed his legendary form before this album dropped with memorable guest appearances on Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled’s albums. As soon as “No Introduction” came on when the first track started, you knew that you were about to encounter something amazing. Followed up with the gritty “Loco-Motive” and “A Queens Story,” Nas showed flashes of Illmatic greatness. His most personal tracks including “Daughters,” “Bye Baby,” and “Stay” were examples of looking in to Mr. Jones soul. Tracks like “The Don,” and “Summer On Smash” had the rapper at his boastful best. It is hard to find fault in this album. Unskippable, flawless Hip-Hop.

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