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Facebook wants to take down Google, and are hoping that their new search engine will get the job done.

On Tuesday (Jan. 15), Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Graph Search, introducing it as the “third pillar” of the social media site.

“I thought this couldn’t be done, but like any good Facebook team would do, they took this challenge. A few months later they had a version that was basically working,” he said.

Unlike Google, Graph Search will outfit options specifically for the user by using information from their timelines, like which friends have checked in at specific locations. Photos, and other areas of user interest, are also all up for grabs. Although the new engine—still in beta form—raises privacy issues, it’s been hailed as a more specific way to find information while filtering out unnecessary information. “With Graph Search you combine phrases to get that set of people, place, photos or other content that’s been shared on Facebook,” noted product and engineering managers Tom Stock and Lars Rasmussen.

Unfortunately the proclamation wasn’t enough to fire up investors.

Following the announcement, Facebook’s stock slipped more than 1 percent, making for another disappointing development for the company since going public last year.

The Graph Search is part of Facebook’s attempt to expand its grip on the technology world as it relates to social media. Last April the company purchased photo sharing application, Instagram, for $1 billion.


Photo: AFP/Getty