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Trouble continues to follow the volatile Chris Brown as he was reportedly involved in a brawl outside a Los Angeles recording studio with Frank Ocean.

TMZ reports that Brown was at an L.A. area studio listening to one of the artists he represents when the beef started simmering.

Chris Brown was involved in an all-out brawl with Frank Ocean Sunday night, and sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it.

Chris was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the artists he represents.  The sources say as Chris went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

We’re told Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris.  Sources connected with Chris say one of Chris’ friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend.

Sources connected with Chris say Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.

This is not the first time the two had words with each other that almost escalated into violence. Brown famously tweeted, “I f–k wit Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.” Ocean responded by saying “i f–ks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner.” 

Brown responded by saying, “it was a compliment you Itchbay A$$ n—a. Everybody claim to be the devil till they meet him.”

“i just dont like underhanded comments. thats all im saying,” Ocean responded before Brown fired back on a now-deleted Twitter rant.

“F–k odd future! Make sure y’all smalltime n—-s stick yo chess out when u speak to me…Ain’t no battery in my back! U just getting on a– n—-s! Don’t let them pills go to yo head! I was tryna help yo sales n—a. You f—-n clown! You and @f–ktyler would be casted great for planet of the apes!”

This ultimately led to Brown’s cousins attempting to fade Frank Ocean on camera in the infamous World Star video below.

The two eventually called a truce over Twitter and Brown even openly supported Ocean when he came out of the closet in 2012. “My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ……… Love who u wanna love. It’s ur decision. People stop searching for BS.”

Looks like the love is gone.

Police have cleared the scene—Brown left—and no charges have been pressed, yet. About a couple of hours after the incident, Frank Ocean commented on it via Twitter. “got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest was there,” he tweeted. “cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the grammys.”

Check out the video from the chase between Brown’s cousins and Ocean in 2011 down below.


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