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Chris Brown is having a very bad day. The police report of the crooner’s infamous altercation with Frank Ocean says the “Kiss Kiss” singer threatened to shoot the Odd Future member. Also, someone in the vicinity (maybe Brown, maybe someone else) called him the F word (the six letter one). Also, the Los Angeles D.A. is saying Brown lied about the community service he said he completed in the aftermath of assaulting Rihanna.

TMZ reports:

According to the report, Ocean told police, Brown had punched him in the face after Ocean told Brown he had taken Ocean’s parking space at the recording studio where the fight took place last week.

Ocean told police Brown tried to shake his hand, but Ocean refused, telling Brown he was in his parking spot. Ocean claimed that’s when Brown punched him in the face. According to the report, Ocean said two of Brown’s goons then jumped in to help Brown … pushed him into a corner and attempted to kick him.

Ocean — who revealed last year that he’d once had a romantic relationship with a man — also said he believes he heard someone yell “f**got!” but he’s unsure who made the statement.

Cops also say Ocean told them that Brown threatened to shoot him, saying, “We can bust on you too!” Ocean told police the whole fight lasted about two or three minutes.

The report also reveals that Ocean suffered a cut to his temple and his right index finger, the latter of which he has said won’t stop his scheduled Grammy Awards performance this weekend. As previously reported, since the incident Ocean has said he will not press charges against Brown.

However, Brown may still end up in violation of his parole. TMZ also reports that the L.A. County District Attorney has filed paperwork that alleges the community service documents Brown filed were fraudulent. It seems Brown’s mother may have had a hand in doctoring the community service the singer did at Tappahannock Children’s Center in Richmond, VA.

Considering all the drama that follows Brown—throwing chairs throw windows after interviews, ducking bottles hurled in the club, for example—don’t be surprised if he earns a trip to the bing. Just saying.

Photo: TMZ