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Rappers drop new tunes everyday. Because of this, records tend to have a short shelf life on the Internets and can be easily missed. We also understand that trying to consume the amount of music that releases in the course of 24 hours, let alone the entire week, can be a bit flustering.

Don’t worry, though. Hip-Hop Wired has your back with the first installment of The Wrap Up, a series that will compile the top 10 tracks to release on the blogosphere in the last seven days.

Consider this our way of helping listeners stay ahead of the curve. Expect to see a range of songs, some of which even we may have missed.

This list features some quality material from a few California MCs, a handful of thought provoking cuts out of Chi-Town, a few sensual jams, and more.

Check out The Wrap Up on the following pages, and let us know what you feel should have made the list in the comments.


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