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Will Smith is no longer the king of the summer box office. On the plus side, he had a pretty good run.

For 20 years the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star’s films have slid into first place, but After Earth brought the legacy to a screeching halt. The sci-fi flick penned from the inner working of Smith’s cranium, pulled in $27 million over the weekend, losing out second place to Morgan Freeman’s Now You See Me. Even with $28.1 million. The Lionsgate release wasn’t strong enough to dethrone Fast & Furious 6 grabbing an extra $34.5 million, adding to its record-breaking $120 million Memorial Day Weekend debut.

Smith’s film feat may have fallen short thanks to a bunch of interviews (like this weird one with New York magazine), not-so-great reviews, possibly under-acting to let his son shine, and the oddly placed monotone accent he uses in the film. All the confusion was enough to make Buzzfeed’s Adam B. Vary come right out and ask: What the Hell Happened to Will Smith?

No career is perfect, and at 44 Smith has had his share of bumps (Wild, Wild West comes to mind), but he always bounces back. The Oscar nominee’s silver screen projects have grossed over $6.36 billion globally, so After Earth’s dismal but respectable opening numbers won’t dim his star power.

Freeman may have added to the Now You See Me anticipation by falling asleep during a live TV interview recently, which he jokingly claimed was a “work-related” issue.

As for Fast & Furious 6, there’s no solid equation for why it’s doing so well this time around.  The film easily outpaced its predecessor by more than $10 million on opening weekend.

Photo:  Paramount