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Let the Internets tell it, Action Bronson and Harry Fraud have a certified heater on their hands with Saab Stories. Is that really surprising, though? The Queens MC has been on top of his game and has only gotten better since releasing Rare Chandeliers in 2012.

The pair’s latest collaborative release features just seven tracks, but is well worth a listen. Fortunately, the NYC natives are giving individuals and decided to stream the EP for free via Spotify.

Gritty street tales, cinematic production, and monstrous flows define the project. Also, managing to capture the essence of the 90s without sounding dated is no easy feat. On the same token, the duo’s music also represents what’s happening in the culture today to a T. That alone makes Saab Stories a dynamic body of work.

Best case scenario, Bronsolino and Fraud represent where the sound of New York City Hip-Hop is going. We wouldn’t be the least bit mad at that.

Fans will also agree. Others should press play below to become believers. Be sure to purchase on iTunes, too.

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