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George Zimmerman is on day three of his second-degree murder trial in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s attorney kicked off the trial at the top of the week, stumbling during opening statements by making a “knock-knock joke.”

Graphic images of Martin’s dead body were shown in court yesterday, causing the slain high schooler’s father to leave the room.

The past few days have included witness testimony adding to debates over whether Zimmerman or Martin was the aggressor in the fatal altercation. A 911 operator said on the stand this week that the 29-year-old indeed took matters into his own hands, stepping outside of his car to confront the teen, after calling for authorities.

Zimmerman maintains that shooting Martin was out of self-defense, originally citing Florida’s “stand your ground” law. He later waived the right to a hearing based on the controversial legislation allowing citizens to brandish and use firearms if in fear for their lives.

Today’s proceedings features the testimony of Martin’s friend, the last person to speak with him before being gunned down.

See footage below.

Photo: Reuters