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Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly was critical of Wednesday’s (August 28) 50th anniversary of the March On Washington event in saying that no Republican speakers were invited. The conservative pundit admitted last night (August 29) on his program that he was wrong about his incorrect assumption.

On Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor, the outspoken host did a little fact checking after he brazenly jumped out at the “Let Freedom Ring” commemoration organizers and assumed that because all speakers were known Democrats, Republicans didn’t receive invitations.

“I was wrong. Some Republicans were asked to speak and they declined,” said O’Reilly. “That was a mistake. They should have spoken. Now, the mistake? Entirely on me. I simply assumed since all the speakers were liberal Democrats that Republicans were excluded.”

O’Reilly, perhaps speaking to himself along with addressing his viewers, ended the statement by saying, “Always check the facts before you make a definitive statement.”

Hopefully, O’Reilly will start to practicing what he’s preaching above and do away with simple assumptions.

Watch video of the statement below.

Photo: Fox News