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The myth of post-racial America gets shattered fairly often. The latest instance of this was the appearance of a photo online featuring a white woman wearing a shirt emblazoned with the “n-word” slur while standing next to a Black man sporting a rather toothy grin.

Clutch Magazine wrote about the photo today (September 11) and as we’ve tried to determine, there’s no word if the photo is doctored or an official documentation of this unsophisticated moment of time. The pic features a standard-issue blond white woman wearing a pink tank top t-shirt that reads “I Heart My N-GGA” on the front. As she gazes up to her left, a young shirtless Black man is all smiles like he just won the white girl lottery.

Of course, the shock of seeing the n-word on a shirt would be jarring no matter who was wearing it. But what ramps up the emotion in this photo is the unabashed joy depicted. It’s as if Ironic Coon Negro was saying, “Holy smokes, the bros back at the dorms are gonna totally be all over Instagram with this one.”

It also doesn’t help that Little Miss Stringy Head has an epic cheese-eating smile going on and has her hand lovingly draped on the shoulder of the man. And thanks to a little research on our side, this shirt is not a new thing.

A design company that services the skate community by the name of Kareem’s World has a shirt that apparently was all the rage. On the site as you can see, there appears to be a white man wearing the same offensive slogan as the t-shirt mentioned above. We’re willing to bet no sensible white person would buy the shirt, much less wear it in the middle of New York on a Friday night.

If this is some lame attempt to take some of the sting out of the slur and show how “down” and progressive they are, they need to take it back to the drawing board. And someone get Kareem’s World on the jack. They’ve got some explaining to do.

Check out the “I Heart My N-GGA” couple on the next page. Hit the following page to see the allegedly white model rocking the Kareem’s World gear.

Photos: Clutch, Kareem’s World

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