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Professional athletes, alcohol, and strippers can either turn into an evening of good times or struggle. The Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones may know a bit about the latter, this after he was allegedly cracked in the head by a stripper named Sweet Pea over the weekend – and thanks to the Internets, photos of the supposedly retired adult dancer have surfaced.

Apparently, Sweet Pea has been a fixture in the Baltimore Ravens social circle for a while, and has also been spotted with players from other NFL teams, such as retired defensive player Jason Taylor, his brother-in-law and former Miami Dolphins teammate, Zach Thomas, and Jones current teammate, Bryant McKinnie.

Several sites have compiled photos of a woman who is said to be Sweet Pea, and we located a Twitter account with photos along with a Twitpic account of her adventures over the years. According to the bio, she’s a VIP hostess at the infamous King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami. We would have raided her Instagram but she has since deleted her page. Too bad the Internet is forever, though.

She must be a really nice person to hang around, because, well…oh, never mind.

Hip-HopWired has put together a collection of photos of Sweet Pea. Check them out on the following pages.

[Props to Busted Coverage]

Photos: Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic

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