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“A lot of things have changed, but they about to change again.”

Martin Lawrence Tyler, best known to the public as rapper Mystikal, saw January 15, 2010 as the day of his release after serving six years in the Louisiana State Prison for sexual battery.

Now free from incarceration, the rapper is making his rounds and hoping to jump right back into Hip Hop to pick up his career from where he left it before his prison sentence.

Catching up with DJ Whoo Kid and RadioPlanetTV, the New Orleans native spoke on being behind the cell and how things started off initially with him constantly battling  to hold on to his identity.

“It felt like everything I did prior going to that place, it felt like a dream I was going to.  It was like ‘Man, am I really Mystikal?  HERE I GO, yea…that’s me.’  I had to do that kind of stuff just to remind myself.”

He also reflected on his case and stated that the outcome might have been a little different had he been given a second chance at court.

“I don’t know what the hell happened.  Sometimes I sit back and think if I would have went another route with it and really tried to take that Shyte to court and fight it.  I think what I was trying to do strategically was just try to keep it to a level where it couldn’t get out of hand cause I could have been sitting there innocent, and just sitting there innocent for 6 years into doing what the fu&% C-Murder doing.”

Mystikal, once with Master P and No Limit added his opinion on the case of Master P and gave an update on his fellow soldier as he is currently dealing with his bid.

“We gon try and if we can work on that too, I can’t see him sitting there like that, that ain’t gonna work man.  He’s still got a little breathing room, he still got a little fight left in him.  It ain’t over with yet.”

Now without the braids, a little more bulky and a Twitter account that he’s not even too sure of how to access, the rapper is back and ready to bring that raw energy that only he would be known for.

And no, he has yet to catch up with Master P since getting out, but plans to do so sooner than later.

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