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MF Doom has a ridiculous amount of intricate and beloved verse, so picking the 10 best isn’t very realistic. However, the former Zev Love X of KMD recently pontificated on 10 of those best verses himself, which considering how rare DOOM interviews are, was quite the coup. 

XXL managed to catch up with the rhyme villain and he got detailed on the creation of some his greatest records, including “Dead Bent,” “Beef Rap” and “Accordion.”

Peep what DOOM said about the RJD2 produced “Saliva”:

DOOM: [Performing as his alias Viktor Vaughn] I change for the character, but the style existed before the character. I had the style and I knew I was going to place it to a character. Once I placed that style to the character, it changed. It’s a different attitude. It’s easy to reach back to the DOOM style. They all exist in me, so it’s just a matter of placing them, putting certain rhymes with that character.

[“True victory, a new sick story/I never met a chick that was too thick for me”] It’s a little more vulgar than DOOM would be. That’s the obvious thing you can tell. Viktor say whatever the f-ck is on his mind. It’s a no holds barred type of thing. DOOM on the other hand is a little more reserved and watches what he says. He’s trying to be grammatically correct, politically correct, and cover all angles. Vik speaks from a heart place. It just has more testosterone. He’s a young whippersnapper so he talks sh-t.

DOOM is currently working on the long delayed Madvillainy 2 and on a project with Bishop Nehru.

Check out the full story over at XXL.

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