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The game just ain’t the same for rappers. “Control” and the ilk that promote it have changed the music landscape, but these 15 rappers are not cut from that cloth.

If Hip-Hop fans are honest, they can admit that the dark days of jiggy-era Hip-Hop are almost over. Looking at the talent that has picked up the baton from the ’90s greats, the game is in capable hands and we are on the eve of genre-bending classics. Don’t believe me, just watch. When’s the last time you’ve seen a true top 5 Hip-Hop moment like this that shifted the culture?

Although the radio and mainstream airwaves are tracks from the likes of French Montana and Future as “worthy,” truth is that these acts are folks that should have saved their studio time money, and done something else.

Here are 15 Rappers Who Should Embrace Their Struggle, cut their losses, and put the mic down before we all get hurt.

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We start off with the “I Can Do Dat” struggle bar G from Houston:

Lil’ Flip

This not-so-lucky rapper hasn’t had a hit on the radio in almost 10 years. Having better luck in the films / video game department, this Cloverland City wordsmith could tie his “Game Over” single to Battlefield 4 and reap some hefty bitcoins.

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