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Has Joe Budden put a ring on his longtime girlfriend and thirst trap Tahiry Jose? That seems to be the case as word is the New Jersey rapper recently popped the question in Times Square. 

Reports Madame Noire:

Despite the fact that everything about Joe Budden and Tahiry’s relationship is a bit on the messy side according to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, word on the street is that sometime in this season, Budden will propose to her. Interesting enough, somebody already has it on video after the pair were spotted with cameras in Times Square, and the rapper broadcast a message for her over a jumbotron screen on the side of one of the intersection’s massive buildings. I see Joe trying to get fancy on us!

Anywho, the message shows Budden holding a dry-erase board with words that include “Love is: Compromise, Forgiveness, Family, Sex, Commitment, Tahiry.”

Then someone else caught the pair standing in the middle of Times Square, him in a suit, her dressed in her Thursday night best (skin-tight everything of course), as he spoke to her with the camera right behind them.

It was obviously a special moment, as a crowd of people (white folks actually) were pictured gathering around the couple as they spoke to one another. But who knows if she said yes? We don’t see Budden down on one knee, and we don’t see any excited. But leave it up to Mona Scott-Young to make you wait and watch the show to figure out if he’s really going to do right by a woman he’s basically played the hell out of on more than one occasion on TV.

Check out the videos of the alleged proposal below on the next page.

Do you Joe Budden proposed to Tahiry Jose or nah?

Photo: Instagram

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