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Snoop Dogg’s recent parlay at the White House where the O.G. bumped fists with Secretary of State John Kerry truly revealed the depth of his celebrity status.

What it didn’t reveal however, was his entire adventure through the president’s fortress. Accompanied by his wife Shante, daughter Cori B. and manager Ted Chung, Snoop proudly sported his gangsta gold grill as he interacted with the other distinguished guests.

The clip gives a brief flashback from Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated documentary where he humbly admits that his presence at The White House would most likely never happen due to the explicit nature of his lyrics.

“My songs are too hard. I know Obama wants me to come to the White House but what can I perform?,” he stated.

Although he didn’t perform, his Reincarnated album is currently up for a Grammy Award for best Reggae album and it ironically features his daughter on the track “No Guns Allowed.”

Watch the entire video the Broadus family painting the White House Black below.