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The public shared a range of emotions after news of the forthcoming Outkast reunion shows were announced. However, since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, even fans’ exclamations of joy and jubilation were naturally met with a bit of hate from detractors.

Yes, we’re as surprised as you. How could you hate on the funky ATLiens? It’s difficult to grasp, but it’s happened and all it takes to discover the slander is a quick search on Twitter. After trying a combination of entries, we were able to find a few folks that we’ll call, um, “misinformed” for lack of a better term.

As always, some comments are milder than others. You’ll quickly differentiate one from the other in the gallery on the following pages.

Are you down for Stanklove or do you share the sentiments of Outkast’s naysayers? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Instagram, Twitter

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