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Recently, a championship match between Mississippi’s two top 6-A soccer teams erupted into violence as a player viciously attacked another on the opposing team.

During the final five minutes of the State High School Soccer Championship match between Gulfport and Northwest Rankin, a white player from Gulfport exploded and brutally attacked a black player from Northwest.

Well, it must be troubling to know that Black people are taking over all sports, but the player wasn’t willing to let go of soccer.  He was literally ready to fight for it.

Arlington Shirley, number eight, was the victim of the attack as he was punched in the face at least five times during the assault.

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“He decided he was gonna take him out, and he grabbed my son around the throat and threw him down and started punching him,” said Terrence Shirley, father of the attacked Northwest player.”

His father added that the referee and authorities did nothing and actually ejected Arlington from the game first, waiting 15 minutes before making the decision to remove the attacker, Zach Windom, from the game.

Had the shoe been on the other foot, however, most would be assured that immediate action would have been taken and the victim wouldn’t be the one getting kicked out since they took the beating.

“Obviously he had no idea that it was gonna happen, had no way to defend himself and the guy started pummeling him and if someone had not come over and kind of helped to try to get him off who knows how long it would have gone on. the referees didn’t seem like they were gonna stop him,” said Arlington’s father.

Footage actually shows the referee BACKING away from the fight instead of trying to stop it.

The incident is under investigation and will be dealt with…All students or coaches ejected from any competition because of their behavior are required to go through on line Star Sportsmanship Training,” said Mississippi High School Activities Association spokesperson Dr. Phyfa Eiland.

Taking his son to the University Medical Center, he stated that Arlington has a broken left wrist which will require surgery, along with facial lacerations and abrasions.  He is now fighting to have Windom arrested on assault charges.

They have since hired an attorney and plan to pursue some legal action for the matter.

Police state, however, that charges cannot be filed for the attack as actions on the playing field cannot be classified as criminal.

Can we say BULLShyte.  C’mon, all together now.

Man, it’s a surprise that Tiger Woods lasted so long in golf, but everyone knows how they got Black man out of that.

Watch out Venus and Serena.