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A bank robber armed with nothing more than a kitchen utensil, attempted to pull off his struggle heist with a meat cleaver. What made matters worse for the incompetent criminal is that he flashed the instrument to a bank teller behind thick plexiglass, who then proceeded to point and laugh at the robber.

At some point last week at the China Construction Bank in Shanghai, a man walked into the building talking on a phone. After appearing to pull the fire alarm in an attempt to disrupt business, the man pulled out the meat cleaver and declared he was robbing the bank. The man approached the teller’s window with the cleaver and moving a patron out the way, brandishing the weapon only to find the teller laughing at the feeble attempt.

Safe behind the plexiglass, the robber was quickly subdued by bank security who grabbed him from behind and quickly slammed the man to the ground. The whole sequence is comical, as the teller can’t help herself as she pretty much knows the bank robber is about to get hemmed up. Luckily for the man, the security didn’t administer the fade but the bank robber did catch a knee to the chest after being wrestled to the ground.

According to a report from The Mirror, teller Rong Ku was never worried.

“I might have taken it seriously if he’d had a gun, and you never know really if the security glass will stop a bullet, but I knew he had no chance of getting through with a meat cleaver. It was a bizarre situation and I just had to laugh especially when he took a telephone call in the middle of the robbery,” she said to local media outlets.

Check out the video of the hilarious exchange in the clip below. Hit this link for a fantastic gif that should be all over your social networks by now.


Photo: CCTV