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The adventures of B.o.B found the ATLien crash landing into SXSW’s Yahoo Show this past week and he was rewarded with a fan’s trusty lighter for his trouble.

Mr. Bobby Ray was a guest of honor at most of the hottest rap shows at South By’s 28th annual blowout including Nas’ Illmatic warmup and the Brisk Bodega all-star bash. Yahoo’s Show was no different.

Headlined by a non-microphone-throwing 2 Chainz, B.o.B entertained with hits of days past and his latest album Underground Luxury, before working up a feverish sweat.

Instead of calling it quits, a fan assisted Bobby with a well-photographed smoke break, without a blip from security. SXSW tends to be one of the most liberal festivals in the nation so these things are expected to happen.

Check out the gallery to see snapshots of a minor marijuana assist and yet another one 2 Chainz’ outrageous outfits.

Photo: Zeno/Monster Products

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