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John Singleton returns to the director’s chair with a new series using the familiar backdrop of Los Angeles. Singleton will direct and co-write the new Showtime series Snowfall, which looks at the early stages of the crack cocaine epidemic in the City Of Angels.

Singleton’s return to directing takes place where his debut Boyz In The Hood unfolded, but Snowfall zeroes in on an earlier era. The show is set in 1984, just as the cheaply produced crack cocaine was starting to flood the nation’s streets by allegedly clandestine means. Joining Singleton in penning the drama is Eric Amadio. The pair serve as executive producers alongside Michael London and Underground’s Trevor Engelson and Evan Silverberg.

Singleton is set to direct and co-write the project, co-written by Eric Amadio. The two serve as executive producers along with Michael London and Underground Film’s Trevor Engelson and Evan Silverberg.

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Told through the eyes of a young black kid from Compton, a Mexican wrestler and a CIA agent charged with running money to the Contras, Snowfall will examine the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. Allegedly fueled by CIA involvement stemming from the Iran-Contra affair, the drug started flowing to the U.S. in 1984, with Los Angeles as the first city to get hit hard.

The show is being described as a Boyz In The Hood meets The Wire series. Singleton and Amadio, both Los Angeles natives, aim to bring an authentic air to Snowfall.

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