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A recent photo of 13-year-old Willow Smith in bed with 20-year-old Moises Arias has went viral, which means that Twitter had to give their thoughts on the matter.

While the context of the controversial candid are not yet known, the celebrated offspring of Will and Jada Smith has made the Internets feel some kind of way. As the image of Willow and a shirtless Arias in bed together continues to gain traffic on the web, this is not the first time they duo have been seen with one another.

Fast friends, the two grabbed lunch earlier this week with mutual BFF, Telana Nicole, at California’s Le Pain Quotidien cafe. Even prior to the hoopla started by this photo, one just like it was posted by Arias on his Tumblr last month. So, without the full context, Black Twitter has shown no chill as they continue to blast the young kid for making too mature of a decision, and roast her parents in the process.

With Will and Jada calling the photo “art,” and the internets all up in arms, we defer to you — is Willow’s photo outrageous or nah?

Photo: Instagram

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