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After a strenous day following the release of the Ray Rice videotape, the (now) former NFL star is understandably apologetic and his wife, Janay is sticking by her man.

None of that matters to Method Man, who was blunt and abrupt when it was his turn for the random 15 seconds of TMZ fame.

The Wu-Tang chieftain appeared visibly perturbed when he was forced to relive the shocking elevator video footage and sternly responded, “[It’s] disgusting and any man who put their hands on a woman need their ass kicked.”

Unsurprisingly, the rapper’s sentiments are congruent to many NFL fans who felt like Rice’s initial two-game suspension was a slap on the wrist, before seeing the video.

TMZ leaked the Atlantic City hotel footage where Rice knocked his then-fiancée out unconscious and dragged her lifeless body off the elevator.

Watch Method Man’s brief statement on the situation below. Do you think he’ll be doing the “ass-kicking” or nah?

Photo: TMZ